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GriefShare Ministry

Your participation in GriefShare—at  whatever level you are comfortable—will help your understanding of the wide range of possible issues and emotions associated with the grieving process and will assist you in your journey toward healing.

Our in-person meetings will begin on March 9th at 1:00 at Providence Presbyterian Church on 77 Phillips Lane, Robinson Township, and will continue to meet each Saturday for Thirteen weeks. You may register online above or at the first meeting you attend. With your registration, you have access to GriefShare’s online resources at (enter 15136 zip) where you can view additional information as well as the weekly videos. We look forward to your presence in our meetings, which will surely be a blessing to you and a comfort to the other participants, as well. ALL INFORMATION SHARED IN IN-PERSON MEETINGS IS CONFIDENTIAL and is not to be shared outside of group meetings.

Register online

All group, meeting and registration details can be found at this link. You'll be prompted to sign up for a GriefShare account to register.

Contact this group's facilitator

Dale Baker is our group's co-facilitator. To contact him directly, you can message him via the GriefShare website.

Ways you can register

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